Hook & Ladder Moonshine

Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you ship your spirits?
We are able to ship any of the merchandise that is listed in our online store. We are not able to ship alcohol.
2Do you offer Distillery Tours?
We do offer free tastings and tours of the Distillery. They are typically available anytime during normal business hours. If it is a large group, we would need to be contacted.
3How do I get Hook and Ladder products near me?
We are currently distributed in East Tennessee, and will be in South Carolina soon. If we are not available in your state or area, have your local liquor store ask one of their Distributors to reach out to us. We are always looking to expand our reach to the areas that our customers live.
4What are your hours?
Monday thru Saturday from 10am til 7pm. Check our Facebook page for Holiday Hours.

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